Looking for a home, tired of spending valuable time driving from home to home just to find there is too much work to be done or the floor plan doesn’t suit?  Maybe it’s too big or too small.   Then again maybe it’s all the unknowns of buying an older home.  Why not build a new home?

New homes are often priced less than you can buy a comparable pre-owned home.  A new home warranty provides peace of mind after the purchase.  A new home assures the latest state of the art energy efficient appliances.  You can build your home the way you want it and with the materials and colors you select.  Current energy codes require homes be built with high levels of insulation, thermal integrity and energy efficient heating resulting in a considerable savings over the operating cost of an older home.  Building a new home eases the nagging question of, how long before it breaks down or do I need to replace the roof.

Is it really a question of why build new or is it when should I build?  There’s no better time than now.  Start planning your new home by stopping by any of our Model Home locations to speak with a Housing Consultant.  You can build on your lot or one of ours.