Whether bedrooms, flex space, or an upstairs play room, finishing off living space over your garage is inexpensive square footage that makes your home live larger. But it takes careful attention to make sure this space is comfortable year-round.

Insulation – Properly insulating this space requires extra air-sealing measures to keep these rooms comfortable. That means lots and lots of caulking joints during construction to prevent air leakage plus as much insulation as you can get. Expanding foam insulating sealant in the exterior walls, roof/attic cavity, and between the floor and garage ceiling is an excellent choice. In cold climates, insulating the garage walls and insulated garage doors are important.

Flooring – Hard surface flooring will be uncomfortably cold in these spaces (unless you choose a radiant floor heating system) so most people prefer carpeting. Here a premium, thicker pad will help keep the room(s) warmer. Windows. Energy-efficient, Low-e, of course!