I have been selling Real Estate since the mid-seventies and remember in my training when obtaining my license hearing the statement “there will always be a need for housing since it provides for life’s basic needs”. Basic needs meaning shelter, water, and personal hygiene.

I was reminded of this over the weekend when I reluctantly took part in a family camp out in a tent. The temperatures were in the mid-nineties and extremely humid.  Of course I continued to think of our home with air conditioning.  As our family along with three grandkids all slept in the tent together, I was reminded how nice it is to have multiple rooms in our home where we have some privacy and quiet.  My children pointed out my snoring so making this point for them. Then a severe storm literally blew through and we had some anxious moments to see if our temporary tent “home” would still be standing. A small limb did hit the corner of a tent next to ours damaging their tent. We were camping in a grove of trees with an outhouse. I was very excited when we returned home to hop in the shower and enjoy running hot water and I’m sure people around me were glad as well.

It was enjoyable visiting with family and especially watching the cousins play together but it did reinforce for me something we typically take for granted. Building new homes will insure there will be an adequate number of homes for the future and our basic needs will be met.