Choosing a home builder is a big decision and an important question to ask the builder is “ Do you use Sub-Contractors?”. Many builders choose Sub-Contractors based on the lowest price and may not actually know the quality of work they perform. This results in the old saying “You get what you pay for”.

As a builder, developing long term relationships with Sub-Contractors and employees is crucial to producing a quality product at a fair market price. When a long term relationship is in place, the Sub-Contractor knows exactly what the builder expects on each job.

Another important aspect of this relationship is that if a problem does arise, the builder is assured the Sub-Contractor will stand behind their work in order to continue working for them. A builder with their own employees is also an important element in choosing a builder. When a builder invests in their own employees it shows the builder is concerned over the quality of the finished product.

With these relationships in place, quality control is enhanced and the winner will ultimately be the customer. So ask the question and make a smart decision.