The Sayre office has started construction on a new warehouse and office and a very important point came to mind that I would like to share. Last week we hired a surveying company to stake the exact corner locations of the warehouse and office as well as setting the height of the finished floor.

New Construction Office in Athens, PA

This is money well spent especially on a smaller lot or where elevations too close to neighbors have to be considered. The days of using a 100 foot tape measure with its droops and twists can alter the location causing the building to be angled improperly to the front property line as well as being built out of the building set back area.

If this happens, you would need to apply for a variance from the local authorities which can take a lot of time and cause a great deal of worry.  If the variance is not granted, changing the location of the foundation after it is built can be done but will be very expensive.