I have been a Housing Consultant with Fine Line Homes for many years. I would like to share some insight into “prices” of homes. I do not like to discuss price until two things are discussed first…well actually I don’t like to discuss price much at all. I would much rather talk about a person’s budget. With that in mind, I start to discuss with my prospective buyers what Fine Line Homes will do for them in regards to tangible and intangible items.

I point out that what they are getting for their budget is more than just a house. It is a team of professionals who will do what it takes to build the house you want, within the range you can afford, and in the process never forget that you as the client and Fine Line Homes will work as a team.

After I am told the “budget,” I will ask what their wish list is for their dream home. It is at that point that I go through our plans and determine which plans we have that will meet their expectations. We figure out TOGETHER if the client’s expectations far exceed their budget. If that is the case, we start eliminating certain houses or certain amenities. In the end, we usually can put together a wonderful solution that makes everyone satisfied. Did you notice how little I mentioned price? Sure, we have a list price for every home we build, but if we get the chance to sit down with you, we can interchange price vs. cost, because it is important to recognize the significant difference between the two. Remember the old adage, “Beware the cost of the lowest price”? Well, it rings true. Just because a competitor’s home may be less expensive, doesn’t mean you save money in the long run. Sometimes, perhaps most times, you end up spending more in part because no one really listened to you.