Radon is the cause of about 20,000 lung-cancer deaths in the country each year, and the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Pennsylvania.

According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), a home in the Center Valley area of Lehigh County recently tested at a radon level of 3,715 picocuries per liter (pCi/L), the highest known test result in Pennsylvania. That’s over 900 times the level at which the Environmental Protection Agency recommends remediation (4 pCi/L).

The good news is that Fine Line Homes installs a “passive radon mitigation system” in ALL its newly constructed home as a Standard Feature. Buyers do not pay any extra cost to have this system installed. The Fine Line Homes systems consists of basement sub-slab installation of a 3″ PVC venting system which runs through the house vertically and exits the roof.

The gradient difference in air pressure from the sub-slab area and the exit vent on the roof continually draws air from under the slab to the roof exit. An enhanced mitigation system, consisting of an ‘in-line’ blower fan, installed in the vent pipe in the attic space is also available. Testing for radon is an individual choice and the subsequent cost of each home buyer.

Fine Line Homes has taken a ‘proactive position’ on the subject of radon in it’s new homes by installing the passive mitigation system. Talk with your Housing Consultant about the standard installed system and your options.