Kirkwood Two Story Home Design - First Floor You’re in search of a smaller home, but can’t seem to find one that suits your needs. One design has large bedrooms, but a smaller kitchen. Another has an attractive open floor plan, but minimal storage options. Finding a nice balance between space for everyday living and space for entertaining–whether that be with guests or as a family–the smaller home with flexibility to make it your own is difficult to find.

Kirkwood Two Story Home Design - Second Floor Using our Livability at a Glance color-coded floor plans, home buyers can focus in on the elements they desire most in a home: Entertaining, De-stressing, Storing, and Flexibility.

At a total of 1,588 square feet, the Kirkwood two-story home plan offers ample space for entertaining, de-stressing, and storage as well as flexibility. On the main level there is a large living room open to the kitchen. Adjacent to the kitchen and front entry is a dining room that can be used as a Flex Room, an additional gathering area, or even an area for the teens to hang out. The second level offers optional storage over the garage and another Flex Area to be used as an office, or possibly for crafts.