Great! Let’s discuss how it is done- in 10 Easy Steps.


Easy Step 1

If you haven’t already visited a Fine Line Model Home, now is a good time! Ask lots of questions and take notes on your “must haves” for future use. Now that you have a general price range for the home of your dreams, it’s time to shop your local bankers to find the best interest rate and obtain a “mortgage pre-approval” for a Construction Loan.


Easy Step 2

Select your floor plan from the Fine Line Homes Plan Book and cross reference the plan to the Community price page. Keep in mind during your selection process; it does not have to be the “perfect” house plan, just close! Your Housing Consultant will modify the floor plans to meet your needs.


Easy Step 3

Select the primary lot for the house location. (Also select a secondary lot, just in case your first choice won’t accommodate the size of the house plan).


Easy Step 4

Share your “wish list” with the Housing Consultant so that an accurate Price Estimate can be generated for your specific lot and customized house plan.


Easy Step 5

Review your Price Estimate with your Housing Consultant, make changes, add or subtract to your modifications. Finalize your decisions.


Easy Step 6

Now is the time to enter into the “Sales Agreement” which includes the Sales Agreement for the construction of the house and a Sales Agreement for the community lot Yes, if you have a current home to sell, you can include a “home for sale” contingency.

NOTE: During this two hour meeting you will be asked to read and sign numerous forms, these forms can be provided (by request) the day before the meeting for your review.


Easy Step 7

Your Building Consultant will provide you with two copies of the Sales Agreements and Construction Specifications. One copy should be hand carried to your Mortgage Banker.

NOTE: From start of a Mortgage Application to the Closing on a Construction Loan, it usually takes 45-60 days. During this waiting time the preparation for construction continues.


Easy Step 8

At the on-site Design Center you will select all interior and exterior finishes, including cabinets, countertops, flooring, wall finishes, lighting, plumbing fixtures, roof shingles, siding, stone, brick, etc.


Easy Step 9

Final copies of the floor plans are received from the drafting department and we are ready to schedule your pre-build talk and file for township building permits.


Easy Step 10

Congratulations! Closing on your Construction Loan takes place, the home is staked out on the lot, and excavation and construction can finally begin!

NOTE: Now sit back and let Fine Line Homes do all the work! Building your new home will take approximately 6 months from the time of pouring the foundation footers. Go ahead, plan and prepare for your future move-in date!