You may think you have enough storage space, but is it convenient? Bedroom closets–check; linen closet–check; kitchen pantry, coat closet, garage–check, check, check. Now think about the areas you use most. Would you like to have more storage there versus running to the garage or downstairs when you need something you ‘think’ you don’t use very often or just because space is an issue?

Perhaps a his-and-hers set of walk-in closets so that you each have ample space for your clothes and getting dressed. Or, an additional pantry in your kitchen area–one for everyday food and gadgets, and another for items you use less often but want in a convenient, safe location. It can also mean adding storage to areas that might otherwise be overlooked or underutilized, such as an additional closet near the living room to stow away everyday items.

The Oakridge home design provides multiple locations for convenient storage, including walk-in closets for all 4 bedrooms, a linen closet in the hall bath, kitchen pantry, laundry shelf, and large coat closets at both entry doors. As you plan your new home, keep in mind these overlooked, sometimes misplaced, storage opportunities–how you and your family plan to use the space will help determine your storage needs.

Share in the comments below your “can’t live without” storage areas in your home.