Imagine – you’ve decided to build your dream home. You’ve figured out what you want your home to look like…you’ve found a piece of land…now what? There are a few more steps before the build can begin. In this article, we’ll talk about site costs, land preparation, and excavation. 

One of the most common terms you’ll hear when it comes to building on your land is a “Perc Test”. A Perc Test (aka Percolation Test) is a test that is used to observe the absorption rate of water in the soil. If you are building in an area without public hookups to the sewer system, you will need to complete a perc test to help determine the size/design of the septic system needed for your home. 

During a Perc Test, a Sewer Enforcement Officer (SEO) will pour water down several holes in the soil to observe how fast the water filters down, examine the different types of soil, & determine if the lot is suitable for a build. Since the Perc Test is crucial to determining the viability of the land, it is a good idea to have one done before purchasing a piece of land or making the sale contingent upon the results. 

After the land is acquired and you meet with your home builder, you’ll do a “lot review”. At the lot review, you’ll likely meet with both the builder and an excavator. You’ll walk around the lot to determine elements such as where the house and utilities will be placed and create an overall game plan for the build. This plan allows the excavator to determine what needs to be done to the lot. 

When it comes to excavation & site costs – every builder is different. At Fine Line Homes – we try to make things as fair and easy as possible. We tend to use one excavator to do all of the site prep – so it is a one-stop-shop. Using the information from the lot visit – the excavator will determine the site costs for the build. Site costs include elements such as utilities (hookup or new system design), digging trenches & holes, running a conduit, stone (basement), backfill, and clearing of the lot. This provides you with an estimated cost – but keep in mind that costs may increase if they run into any issues with the land along the way (ex: rocks)

Land development might seem complex – but our team is here to help you through the entire build. If you have any questions or concerns – please reach out to us. The good news is that once the development is complete, it’s time to move on to the fun part – watching your home come together!