The Monterey Ranch with separate bedrooms.

Separation is often considered negative as in the example of a married couple separating to work on issues but sometimes separation can be positive.

Locating the primary bedroom away from the other bedrooms and public areas will cut down on the noise and have a significant impact on creating your own private retreat area to relax and rejuvenate after a long day. Many of our home plans have a sitting area off the primary bedroom for a private sanctum to curl up with a good book or watch some late night TV.

The obvious plan design to accomplish separating the bedrooms is one where the primary bedroom is on one end and the other bedrooms are located on the other end of the floor.


The Knoxville with main floor primary bedroom.

Even if all bedrooms are on the same end you can achieve a level of separation by placing closets and bathrooms to more seclude the primary bedroom and offer the privacy you’re looking for.

A two story home with a main floor primary bedroom has become very popular in recent years. Not only does it afford privacy from the other bedrooms but you can also reduce your trips up and down the stairs.