If your feet are warm, chances are you’ll feel warm all over. But the opposite is also true. And few things at home are more dreaded than climbing out of a warm bed and stepping onto cold floors!

Carpeted floors are the least likely to feel cold, especially if you have a quality, thick carpet pad underneath. But hard surface flooring such as concrete, stone, tile and even wood can be quite cold to bare feet (vinyl flooring doesn’t tend to feel as cold as ceramic.) Area rugs are a common remedy if you can find the right rugs for your décor. Radiant floor heating, in which either warming electrical wires or recirculating hot water lines are installed under the flooring, is an excellent choice for creating a wonderful, warm floor.

Importantly, the decision to spend money for radiant floor heating must be made prior to construction! Most people choose to warm just certain floors, such as a bathroom. Talk with a housing consultant about your specific household needs, because not only can you control the temperature, but also what times of the day the floors are being warmed.