A home office is a must for many people today who have a home based business or for those who frequently bring work home. A home office is also a great place to keep everything organized and frees up counter space in the kitchen that often ends up serving as cluttered a desk.

There are several considerations to think through so your office will serve your needs.

Do you need to have the office visible and accessible to the public or would a more private setting work better? Is shipping and receiving important? If so, you may want to include a secure shipping vestibule that allows deliveries when you are not there. What bathroom will serve the public office? You probably do not want this to be the kid’s bath.

Sometimes a full sized room dedicated for an office does not make sense. A “pocket office” may serve your needs well if you will not be meeting the public in your office. These modest sized offices require less space and often are convenient to other living areas making it a great location for the family computer.

The Ashland two story home plan features a pocket office off of the family room.  The Brookville two story house plan features a full office just inside the main entry.