With today’s technology, home builders have an improved selection of countertops available. You can view many styles, colors, shapes, and textures in our Display Centers. Price range is an important consideration when choosing a countertop. The selection may dictate the color of your cabinets and flooring used in the kitchen.

Formica is the most economical countertop and has really advanced in the past few years. There are many new color selections with high definition that looks like real granite or other stone like products. There are several edge profiles to select from. This is still the most popular choice if a tight budget is trying to be met.

Meganite is an affordable acrylic solid surface countertop. This top offers a great selection of solid colors to granite style. It can be buffed if a scratch should occur. The edging comes in a variety of shapes for an upscale clean look for a kitchen.

Granite is fairly expensive but has a very rich look that will be sure to finish off your kitchen to give it that refined look. It requires little maintenance to keep it coated twice per year. Color varies greatly with this product and is the reason you normally go to the installer to pick out the slab used on your project.

Quartz is the most expensive option. This is a man made product so the color can be controlled to maintain consistency. It requires no maintenance and has a very elegant look.

The kitchen is a special gathering place and a focal point in the home. Countertops are one of the more visual components of the kitchen and ties the cabinets and flooring together making the selection very important.