I would like to share a personal story of my daughter’s decision to build. She was ready to move on in life and live independently of her parents. She started to look at rentals and soon realized that renting was actually going to be more expensive on a monthly basis than owning a home.

At this point, she started looking at existing homes because she thought it would be so much less expensive than building a new home. She was shocked at what she looked at in the price range she could afford. The houses were old, needed lots of work, and she felt it would be senseless to put a lot of money into a home that she would never get back out.

Even though I thought building would be her best bet, I didn’t want to sway her. I felt that she needed to come to this decision on her own. Well, she did! As a single, career woman, she wanted a low maintenance home which she could call her own.

After we put the numbers together, she discovered that building was going to be less expensive than buying a resale or renting! She is now the proud owner of her own piece a property with a Fine Line Home being built on it!