A hallmark of “high design” are the views through your home. Not just the views from the front entry, but everywhere. Literally, we mean everywhere!

In creating a new home plan, we actually imagine the views from virtually every spot in the home. What do you see as you look down that hallway…stand in front of the kitchen sink…or open your bathroom door?

The time to think through views is at the design phase-not during construction. If the hall bathroom door is open, do you see the toilet as you walk by? If you’re having friends over, do you have to apologize for the messy home office openly on display from the front entry? Would a window at the staircase landing provide much needed illumination as well as visually break up a “dead end” wall?

Spread your home plan out in front of you. In pencil, put an “X” on the plan and then envision what you would see as you pivot around. Then repeat with lots of other X’s. You’ll be glad you did!