By the end of the day, after seven or more hours, perched over my desk, peering into a computer monitor that seems to grow smaller by the minute, oh my poor tired eyes!

This started me thinking of ways to help new home buyers to alleviate eye strain in their new homes.

When building a new home, make lighting a priority. Start with overall, ambient lighting. More formal areas may require a chandelier, which come in every shape and size. Simple ceiling mounted lights are sufficient for bedrooms and hallways.

Dining room lighting

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Even in the Family Room and Living Room, allow for an overhead light, preferably with a reinforced box. Then, if (or when) you are ready to DYI install a ceiling fan; the reinforced box is already there. If no light is immediately desired, a simple “cap” will suffice to cover the reinforced box. Such a small investment will reap large rewards later.

Take a look around for areas of the home where task lighting is crucial for comfort and ease of work. Some areas to consider include the home office, kitchen, laundry room, pantry, bathroom and basement or garage workspace.

Building codes require an electrical outlet every six feet, which in most rooms, is plenty. If you are designing a home office, allow for more outlets, phone, and cable for internet access. Request the home office be placed on a separate circuit breaker to prevent overloads.

Progress Lighting shaded mini-pendant

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In the Home Office, there are wall mounted “arms” that are available based on your computer monitor size. Why not let the monitor come to you, rather than straining your eyes and your back, with poor sitting posture? Oh, my poor tired eyes!

Kitchen task lighting can include overhead recessed lights for overall illumination, hanging pendant lights at sink and island, and under cabinet lights for direct lighting on counter tops.

Keep in mind the kitchen is not the only place for recessed lighting. If you have a favorite painting or family heirloom, recessed eyeball lighting will make a big difference in the display of your precious objects.

Finally, take a look around your present surroundings. Take note of how, “light” influences everything and everyone.

Lots of sunlight, can make you happy, the absence of light (S.A.D) can make you depressed. With the abundance and variety of artificial light available, our aim should be to use light to enhance our lives, and to be able to perform our tasks more comfortably.

Ask your Building Consultant to help with your lighting plan, today!