Though we may not stop to think about it, everything is designed. In housing, we often concentrate on the home’s architectural design and its livability. But that’s just part of the equation.

Form refers to aesthetics. Something that’s attractive to look at, or pleasing to the touch. Function refers to what something does, how well it does it, and its reliability. For example, consider a home’s front exterior door. Functional aspects include, hassle-free performance, security, energy efficiency and easy maintenance. Form would include the way the door feels as you close it, the finish, style and perhaps decorative glass inserts. Social design refers to what it says about you and how it makes you feel internally. Solid wood doors communicate that you’re a traditionalist who prefers the beauty of natural products. And the solid feel and heft of that door just feels “right.”

At Fine Line Homes, we consider all 3 facets of design when creating the new homes we build—from the blueprints to the included features and optional upgrades offered. It’s this appreciation for design in its fullest sense that makes Fine Line Homes a design leader.