The answer is…it depends. Before we discuss locations to consider, let’s review some locations to avoid.  Years ago most laundries were located in the basement. This meant carrying laundry baskets up and down stairs. Often the basements were unheated, damp and poorly lighted. Another location to avoid is the mud room entry from the garage where you see the washer and dryer along with piles of clothing and are reminded every day there is laundry waiting to be done.

There are several laundry locations that work well depending on the owner’s desire and their lifestyle. The rear foyer concept coming in from the garage today often includes a separate laundry room with storage and sometimes natural light from a window. When every bedroom is located on the second floor, a laundry located on that level will not require carrying the laundry up and down stairs and makes it easier for the kids to deposit their dirty clothes. When the primary bedroom is located on the main floor, typically the laundry room is as well. This offers convenience and allows multi-tasking such as doing the laundry and preparing a meal. We have had some request for the laundry to be accessible from the primary bedroom. This reduces the laundry noise level to the entertaining areas and makes it handy to fold clothes on the bed.

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