Fine Line Homes, Harrisburg, PA is mostly a Neighborhood Builder.

Neighborhoods are places where people live near one another.  People in a neighborhood have a common interest preserving the character and property values in the neighborhood.  

 Many of today’s Suburban and Rural Neighborhoods have shared amenities maintained by a Homeowners Association.  Such amenites can enhance property values and make your property more desireable when you go to sell.  A well managed and active Homeowner’s Association can be a form of investment protection for each Homeowner.

If a Neighborhood has Covenants and Restrictions and provides for a Homeowners Association, there may be  architectural review for changes and possible enforcement of restriction violations. It depends on the documents recorded for the neighborhood and the rules, regulations, and bylaws provided.

When purchasing a property in a neighborhood,  ask the Real Estate Agent, Builder, etc. to provide you with a copy of the recorded Restrictions and other documents that govern the Neighborhood.