image11 Amidst all of the opportunities to personalize your home, heights of certain amenities may not be foremost in your considerations. But a few minutes considering comfortable heights can lead to years of satisfaction regarding those decisions.

In the kitchen, where will your microwave go? Some shorter individuals report concerns over reaching up to remove steaming casserole dishes from microwaves mounted over a stove. While most people select standard height, kitchen countertop heights can be raised. Raised countertops may make elevating the dishwasher possible, which some people find to be much more comfortable. If you will have an island in your kitchen with eating bar, do you want the snack bar flush with the island or raised?

Height considerations for your bathroom. Did you know there are different heights of toilets available? Many people prefer taller toilets to reduce knee strain. Then there’s the vanity height to consider. Standard-height vanities can be uncomfortably low for taller or elderly individuals.

One more consideration-the height of your garage door. Standard doors are 7-feet tall but if you drive a pickup or large SUV, you may want to opt for 8-foot high garage doors!