We’ve been asked why some of our home plans suggest optional windows in bathrooms, laundry rooms and even walk-in closets. Though more expensive, some of our buyers feel the additional daylight or fresh air is more than worth the added cost.

Being sensitive to keeping homes affordable, bathrooms in some of our models do not include windows. No window is as energy efficient as an insulated wall, and if the bathroom will be facing north, having a window in that bathroom can make it feel cold—especially as you towel off. Conversely, a window’s added natural light can be very helpful when applying makeup – and opening that window can usher in fresh air as well as help excess moisture escape.

Laundry rooms have some of the same issues—excess humidity and the potential for unpleasant odors. So again, the choice of adding a window in the laundry room on some plans becomes a matter of personal preference. In a closet, adding daylight can mean the difference between showing up with one navy blue sock and one black sock, or having a matched set. Fresh air in a closet can also help keep clothes smelling fresher longer.