Did you know, according to published studies, Americans on average lose up to 150 hours every year looking for lost or misplaced items?

Garage storage.
Its no secret that garages are getting bigger, and today’s larger vehicles are only part of the reason why. Four bicycles, golf clubs, every kind of ball imaginable, skates, scooters—all in a pile—yuck! Adequate storage makes the mess go away. Today’s garage systems help organize your garage and your life by having a place for tools, gardening supplies, sporting goods, etc.

Kitchen storage.
Table settings for twelve, pots and pans, the 36-cup coffee maker, a dozen cans of tuna and gourmet cookbooks! We all need lots of storage in the kitchen, so we’re focused on storage and serving issues. Will items be stored convenient to where they will be used? What about pretty dishware and other items you would like to display? Pantry storage for prepared foods? You know how you want your kitchen to function, so talk with us regarding products and solutions available to create your dream kitchen!