retired couple in front of their home You deserve the best at this point in your life. You should consider right-sizing your home and building a home designed just for you so you can enjoy your retirement and not worry about having to move again later in life.

You can design your home to include features that you want right now, as well as those features that you might enjoy ten years down the road. “Aging in place” is a term that many refer to these days and describes a home design that can accommodate both an active lifestyle as well as one that is less active as we get a little older. Not too big that you have a lot of rooms & spaces that never get used but you have to maintain and keep up after, but not too small that you have to sacrifice cherished belongings or hobbies.

Our plan portfolio offers many designs that are well suited for those looking to “right size” and can be customized and changed to suit your specific needs. We like to call it, “making a house, your home…” Enjoy perusing our plan offerings and give our housing consultant a call to discuss the next step.